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    • Before posting, try:

      1. Is the issue a matter of your server, or more personal?
      This may seem simple, but I've seen a few threads where people have reportedly seen "greifers", and in such are deeming them bad to the rest of the mcforum community. This is blacklisting, and in all honesty isn't quite fair to the players themselves.
      You should also heavily consider how you acquire your staff. Honestly (in my opinion), some of the best staff for your server are the ones who start at the bottom and work up. However, there's already some great guidelines around all this posted here: http://www.minecraft...5-staff-basics/
      There is now also a section for this, that isn't server administration: http://www.minecraft...58-looking-for/

      2. Has it been posted already?
      Many times, the problem you have has been posted already. It's a bit ironic to see "I need help with permissions" next to "How to set up permissions" on the thread list, so try searching for the thread beforehand. Typical rule of thumb is, however, if it's older than a week, it's definitely alright to make a new thread.

      3. Take preemptive steps before posting.
      Many people will have a problem, and immediately proceed to posting it on the forums. Much of these are simple problems that could have been avoided with a bit of tweaking. Before you post, try things such as removing certain plugins to see if it is the cause of an issue. Also, make sure you try googling your problem, as much of the time the answer IS there! Also, it is very important to make sure you have the correct plugin versions for your build. So make sure they're up-to-date with (or made for) your current server build.

      4. Clearly state your problem.
      Posting a topic such as "Please help!1!1!!!!1!1one!!!" or "I have a problem", is not very helpful, and will probably deter someone who might've known your situation and how to fix it. When posting, state what kind of server (vanilla; bukkit; canary, etc.), and what plugins you use. Depending on the problem, you may also want to post your permissions/groups.yml (if applicable), and any malfunctioning plugin's configs. When posting this, it is extremely helpful if you post it via a pasting site such as (or when and if they come back up).

      One final thing, Post the versions of whatever plugins your having issues with, as well as your craftbukkit version. Router models are very helpful if you need help with port forwarding.

      5. What are the steps you have taken already?
      It's very helpful (and time saving!), if at the very beginning of your thread you were to list the steps and procedures in which you've taken. It allows whoever is helping you to not take certain steps, while knowing (usually) that they weren't overlooked.

      6. Don't assume you know everything
      It might seem a bit hard, but we all have to take the humbling step here. If you're posting on this thread for technical help, try to work with the people, instead of letting ego logical whims get in the way.

      7. Giving out IP's
      This is fully okay to do. It is preferred that you PM the ip to someone who is supporting you however, rather than straight out posting it.

      8. Don't delete your thread!
      This is a personal one from me. When you have worked hard on something, and have finally reached a solution, deleting your thread is not a helpful step as far as a communal focus. By deleting your thread, you are depriving others of your already reached solution, starting the cycle of finding the answer all over again.

      9. Common Solutions ~ to be expanded
      Many times, the question you have has already been asked/solved. Don't gravedig a three month old thread just in the hope that you'll get the help from the last person in the thread, as they're most likely gone by that point. Instead, look around for ones that offer the solutions, or start your own.

      Some good threads to point out:
      Starter Packages: http://www.minecraft...ver-downloader/
      Port forwarding: (skip the ads)
      Latest bukkit:
      Bukkit plugin downloads:
      Teamviewer: (screen sharing)
      (more to come)

      Feel free to comment, I'm fully expecting to add to this.

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